Can Carl Rinsch Get Logan’s Run Out of Development Hell?

Logan’s Run is proving to be of those projects that just can’t seem to jump the development trench. With talks of  a remake surfacing in the early 90’s, directors, scripts, cast and crew have come and gone yet Run production hasn’t seen the light of day. With Warner Bros seeking to get production going, they have turned to hot shot director Carl Rinsch to get the ball rolling. 

Rinsch, who is still in talks with Warner Bros first came to our attention last year after fellow director Ridley Scott tried to convince Fox to let Rinsch direct the Alien prequel – over himself. And in the end the company had their way and Rinsch was pushed aside in favor of Scott. But Rincsh was already well established as a director and was sure to pick up some decent jobs. And now that that job has come I think that if Ridley Scott (of all people) was willing to put such a high profile production (Alien) in the hands of a practically unknown film director (at the time) then I am happy to leave Logan’s Run in his capable hands. HANDLE WITH CARE!

A new writer will have to over see the rewrite of the script, as Run has been in development hell for quite some time, under so many directors – I can only image the state of it. No picks as to who will be starring as of late but as the original has shown – anything is possible. Stay tuned for further news


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