Big Screen MacGyver Film Moves Foward

New Line Cinema has let slip information to The Hollywood Reporter that they’ve hired Jason Richman to pen the studio’s big screen adaption of the ABC series MacGyver.

MacGyver is of course the action/adventure TV series that ran from 1985-92 which featured Richard Dean Anderson as the resourceful secret agent who used his wits and mind to get out of any situation using everyday items. MacGyver became one of the big pulp culture shows with parodies and piss takes showing all over the place – the most noticible ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit MacGruber which this year came to the big screens.

New Line started development on MacGyver March, and quickly put together its SNL counter part into cinemas last summer and fall.

With Richman penning I hope we can expect a step up from his last few half-assed productions (Rush Hour 3, Bad Company) and Jason also did some work on a draft script of Beverly Hills Cop 4.


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