Die Hard Series Not Dead yet!

John McClane Still Not Dead yet!? 20th Century Fox is in negotiations with Hitman screenwriter Skip Woods for him to take a crack at a new Die Hard script. The New York Cop John McClane who is famously known for his one-man against the odds antics is set for a fifth round of action, having already survived four sets of terrorists.

The Last adventure, Live Free or Die Hard, which pitched him against a group of cyber-terrorists saw it gross $378 million in 2007. After which I don’t blame them from wanting more, and with Bruce Willis still at the top of his game I wouldn’t hold them back. 

So far Fox has indicated that former Fox executive Mark Young will be producing, and currently at the moment has worked on several other high profile projects such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which was terrible) and TV-to-movie action flick The A-Team. 
Currently Bruce Willis (who pays John McClane) has several projects that are near to release (The Expendables, Red, Kanye&Lynch). These projects will probably slow the production progress down, but we can look forward to seeing McClane back in action some time soon.


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