Friday the 13th Part 2 a No-go Says Producer Brad Fuller On Twitter

After last years success of the Platinum Dunes  Friday the 13th remake, grossing over $91 million overall you would think a sequel would be the first thing on their mind. Surely enough, October last year Warner Bros studios announced they will be working on a follow up to F13,  titled part 2 and aimed to be released August 2010.

Just sixth months later F13th producer Brad Fuller announces it to be  a no-go. According to BloodyDisgusting, on his Twitter page, Fuller answered a question from someone asking for an update on part 2. His answer was blunt, and Fuller said very clearly that “it is dead- not happening.”

 Which means that we wont be expecting a follow up anytime soon, he went futher to say “Right now there is no movement on Friday 13th: Part 2.”  So don’t expect anything anytime soon, we will just have to get our slasher fix on the upcoming (Platinum Dunes) NOES remake. Which is due to be released in cinemas everywhere May 7. 


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