‘Transformers 3’ Script Finished and Ready To Go, Says Franchise Co-star Josh Duhamel.

With ‘Transformers 3’ set to start filming this May we are looking at a July, 2011 release, there has been some recent developments in details that suggest that the official script has been finished and Bay can begin on production of this badass. 

The news came from franchise Co-star Josh Duhamel, who was recently interviewed by MTV in Los Vegas on Thursday. Josh said, “I read it yesterday,”he said. “I think after reading it, I was really pleasantly surprised and happy. They did a great job.”

While Duhamel was keen to talk of his character he seemed resistant to reveal much of the plot, but ventured to say that the script includes some new robots and story elements from foundational “Transformers” story lines. “They put a lot of time and thought into this. What I think is really cool is they went back into the history of ‘Transformers.’ They didn’t really make anything up. They’re using stuff that actually existed in the story from before.” Which seems to suggest that Bay is at work shaping the core mythology of the Transformers. 

Thanks to MTV, you can view the Interview below:


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