Sony sacking Reitman for Ghostbuster 3?

The latest was that Ghostbusters 3 was set for production, with original Ghostbusters producer and director Ivan Reitman directing. If only things went right, we would be looking at a 2011 release at the latest, but now Sony has indicated that they wish to sack Reitman for a hot new director, as is the case with the Spider-Man franchise. 

The only catch is that Reitman himself who, along with original cast members Murray, Ramis and Akyroyd signed a contract which gave them the power over a any sequel. Which is where the problem lies, Reitman has said that he has no intention of letting Sony do it without him. 

So we are stuck with a bitter Sony, which don’t want him, and a stubborn director who wont let Sony do it without him. Things don’t look to bright for Ghostbusters 3, and in this case I sympathize with Sony on this one. Reitman hasn’t done a decent film for years, and I can’t say I trust him with Ghostbusters 3. It was almost a fairy tale when the news reached me that all the origional cast including Bill Murray was coming together to make another sequel, and in this case it was to good to be true. Lets just hope this is sorted out soon.

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