Johnny Depp to play the Riddler in Batman 3?

Casting rumors for Batman 3 have already started to circle around the internet, and I know this is only early days but to firmly fix our attention into the future, rumors suggest that Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp may in fact play the Riddler. Although this is one of the most out their rumours to surface, I and lots of other people firmly believe that Depp would be perfect for this role. But aswell as the fans opting for Johnny to feature in the upcoming Batman movie, the man himself has said several times that he would like to ocupy the role.

Just look at how The Dark Knight turned out, it had huge succes with amazing preformances from Heith Ledger (Rest In Peace) who astounded us with his near to perfect portrayle of super-badie The Joker and Aaron Eggheart as the two-faced Harvey Dent/two face. Director Christopher Nolan has said he would like to have Depp on board for Batman 3.

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